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Google Glass

Living the dream #throughglass


This is a new form factor started last year with the birth of Glass.

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This type of device is used as an helper for quick interaction like checking the weather, but also for usefull task like navigation, video call, photo shooting, check-in...

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The interaction consist in 3 main gestures.

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  • Touch
  • Swipe
  • Head movement
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By touching you can wake the Glass, or you can select a card from the menu.

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Swipe right or left

Move througt the menu or the app cards.

Swipe down

Go back or exit the interface.

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Head tilt

By tilting your head up once you can wake the device. Tilting once again will shut if off.

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Developing on this new device will be really easy, because the language used for the "app" is HTML and CSS, like this presentation (the css is the original one used in the apps).

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Coming next

As of right now, Glass is only available to US only developer at a very high price (1500$). A "user" version will be (maybe) sold in 2014, at a very much lower price, and maybe an advanced spech-list.

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Thanks for the attention. :-)