Enrico MartelliEnrico Martelli

Per colpa delle decisione sul colore e sulla posizione degli elementi un po' "triste", ho pensato che utilizzando sempre gli stessi codici, potessi cambiare colore e posizione.

About Me

I was born in Bologna on May 30TH, in 1995. I spend a lot of my childhood playing with lego, or with my friend. Since the early school years, my interests were directed towards the world of mechanics and robotics - you know, all children were playing with robots isn't it? However, only a few years later, I realized that the computing world would be my field.

I started my "career" as a web designer 2 years ago, when a friend of mine asked me to create a forum on a free platform, where we talk about our school, and where we were posting our homework, for help each other. But this forum didn't survive the summer, and I was young, and I wanted to know more about the platform, so I started creating code and Skin for the platform, but this was not enough, so I started watching tutorial on the internet, and I found a lot of cool code, most by Soh Tanaka - a Los Angles Web Designer. He was my motivation for becoming a web designer.

In my free time (when i don't code or do my homework) I usually play Minecraft with my friends. I love that game, because there are no limits, and my creativity is increasing. Another hobby that I have, is listening to music: my favorite kind is dubsteps, but i also listen to other kind of music. One of my favourite artist is Rucka Rucka Ali.


You can find me at facebook or twitter.